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Bondage and Fetish Sex Toys

Lose Pound After Pound With abilities Celebrity Diet Today

Radio Flyer My First Scooter in Pink for young girls – for women ages two to five years: This is often what title implies, a top notch first scooter for little girls. It has a broad base for straightforward standing along with a front wheels for better balancing handling. There was a piracy blurb as […]

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Bondage and Fetish Sex Toys
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Bondage and Fetish Sex Toys
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Bruce Lee Adventures In Oakland

Bruce Lee’s Adventures in Oakland

Before his career in Hollywood began, Bruce Lee owned and operated a small kung-fu studio in Downtown Oakland. Lee brought together different styles of martial arts and opened his classes to western students, alarming the Bay Area’s Chinese community. Lee was issued a now famous challenge and ultimatum by a representative, Wong Jak Man, who […]

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UFC 119: Frank Mir Interview

UFC 119: Frank Mir Interview

A very comfortable Frank Mire believes he has an advantage in most areas of this fight. Watch Frank Mir vs Mirko Cro Cop in the main event at UFC 119 on Saturday, September 25th at 7pm PT/ 10pm ET on Pay-Per-View.

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Muhammad Ali Training Footage Fightkore

Muhammad Ali Training Footage

Here is some old footage of Muhammad Ali training for various fights throughout his career. That includes training for fights with Liston, Patterson, Terrell, Foreman and more. You will see footage of Muhammad Ali sparring with Larry Holmes and Jimmy Ellis, among others. You will see Ali hitting the speed bag, the heavy bag, shadow boxing, […]

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Joy Grajo

Girls of Fightkore: Joy Grajo

Joy Grajo WOW! What can we say! FightKore knows how to pick the hot one’s for sure. This super athletic San Francisco girl is an NPC, (National Physique Committee) bikini competition champion, and a huge fan of MMA. Joy’s goal is to turn professional and pursue a full time modeling career. This strong, sexy, athletic […]

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Picture 4
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