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full free gamesFree Online Games: Choose Good & Bad Side from it

Can you guess, what’s the one thing which is common in child, adolescent, mid-life and old age, Ya! You guess it right! All of them play video game. Online game had gain immense popularity nowadays. With the ever increasing smartphone cpu power accompanied by a lot more fantastic games all around the globe. Internet is currently becoming the greatest hotspot for games online.

Games that induce magic, games that get you on the fantasy world, games what allow you to be glue to your screen for night and day. Game sector is now most important business and many types of every age people enjoy playing the game.

Game is definitely the main outcomes of technology breakthrough of Twenty-first century which gave the world wide web. As internet ended up being the main basic thing of interaction between people, game evolve as the main resolution to kill time while you’re alone.

Game developed fantasy throughout the player and the man engulfs in the ambiance with the game atmosphere and stat behaving link the sport. Game has produced magic which help the software developers to go ahead and initiate making realistic 3D technology game.

Because event of 3D technology, game company introduces AI (Artificial intelligence) at the tables, which behaves because player response to this online game. With introduction of AI, game industry has brought a large leap plus it became more exciting and interesting for users.

Main Reasons for the increasing popularity of free games

Common occupation due to which game industry and game become so popular among the users. Fist reason is the wider and farfetched internet which opens the gates of number of users who can now play the game sitting in any corner of the globe. User can now find same kind of like-minded people who share similar game skills and similar interest for the game. As most game give the option for multiplayer game, now people can test their skill among the same community.

Second reason is the multiplayer gaming stations in and around the worlds, which enable user from different country play as a clan and fight with other player forming groups. Online multiplayer game is called MMORP. These game give player reason to fight for clan and remain in the group for every.

In other cases, players also exchange ideas and thought with other players during chat by the use of a headset. All online games have chat enable which allow user to chat with team member and get strategies in real-time. You can even have groups playing with 20 members and all using chat to get the strategies in real-time to get the team motive.

Then there are free games which keep user engage all day long. User can freely download all these games or they can play online without download. Games are made keeping the age group in mind. Many games are not for smaller kids as these games involve scene containing much bloodshed.

The downside of online games

Games are such engaging in nature that most youths, particularly teenagers are additives to this and they neglect there study. Most of them left their schoolwork and play 24 hours games. If however they will left form the game, they show aggressive nature.

There have also been complaints regarding people devoting time on game and completely neglect there social life and family. This is the main reason for fights among family member that they are always engage in game rather than social life.

There were also complaints that action also prove into fraud where people use information provided by users to get money. Online games turn out to be money monger, whereby players keep on paying to increase resource and materials.

Online game can be very dangerous, if people involve in it show aggregation and commit crime to repay the online resources.


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If you want any game with full license therefore you don’t want and have money to pay for the game license, you can go to this website and get all the game free of coast. Games have been segregated as categories. New addition is to include game for IOS and Android, for this you don’t have to pay the hefty fee for the original game. You just have to download the game and install on your smartphone.

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