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Girls of Fightkore: Trish Poe



Name: Trish Poe

City & state: Roswell, NM But born & raised in Long Beach, CA

What do I really want to do: I want to keep working on my mma & modeling career but I really would love to work in a hospital Emergency room.


My favorite thing to do: that would have to be spending time with family & friends . I love anything outdoors. Enjoy watching fights and video games as well as shooting…an enjoy a cold beer from time to time.


What attracts me to mma?: the thing that attracts me most is its always different, everyone brings their own style. It keeps me on the edge and coming back for more. I love to see all the hard work love & dedication that the fighters put into what they do. It’s a good way to let loose with out getting in trouble for it!


Just a few things i would like to say: I always go after what you want. Don’t let no one get in your way..people will always try to being you down but then that’s when you look at all the supporters you have. Live life to the fullest! Make mistakes, learn from them. That’s life. No one is perfect. Just be your self that’s all you can do and you will achieve anything and everything.


I can be contacted on Facebook
Or by email

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